Advanced Factories 2018

Advanced Factories 2018

ThingsO2 will be present at Advanced Factories , from March 13 to 15, 2018 in Barcelona with Grupo Álava . An event that will make Barcelona the European capital of industry 4.0. From our stand C129 , you will be able to see all the innovations in:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • IIoT Solutions
  • IT/OT System Monitoring
  • Artificial Vision
  • Industrial Thermography
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Cybersecurity

We want you to also experience innovation, so you can connect with the future, through the virtual reality application that we will have during the three days in our stand C129.

It is an essential visit to create business opportunities, an event that will gather more than 10,000 congressmen and professional visitors in search of the latest innovations in machine tools, robotics, industrial automation, as well as new technological solutions driven by intelligence artificial, the internet of things, additive manufacturing or industrial cybersecurity.

Industry 4.0 Congress

During these days the Industry 4.0 Congress also takes place, where more than 180 experts will meet international organizations to share successful cases around aeronautics, automation, railways, the textile sector, the food industry, the steel or the pharma industries.

On the part of Grupo Álava, José Fernández (ThingsO2 CEO) , will present: Predictive management in Industry 4.0 .

In the new industrial revolution, cyber-physical assets act as fundamental elements of the interaction between the physical and the virtual world. In the physical world, the asset interacts with the matter during the manufacturing process, while, in the virtual world, the digital twin groups data of the sensors and informs us of the general state of the machine over time. Knowing the past and the present of our assets and similar ones allows us to project their behavior and predict it, thus serving as the basis for a new level of productivity and optimization throughout the supply chain

Factory Innovation Theater

At the Factory Innovation Theater, José Fernández (CEO ThingsO2) along with Juan Gil (Corporate KAM Technology Automotive) , will present us with the following conference: Landing the technology in use cases within the framework of the enabling technologies on which Industry 4.0 is based

There we will introduce some cases of use that are currently being applied in pilots and projects in manufacturing:

  1. Application of the RA / RV to accelerate the learning curve of who interacts with productive assets through interactive virtual simulators for training, Augmented Reality manuals and systems of remote assistance with Augmented Reality.
  2. Use case of predictive maintenance monitoring of different remote critical assets and integrated in the operational layer.
  3. Use cases integrating the Artificial and thermographic Vision aimed at improving quality control     in production line.