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Machine Understanding

ThingsO2 is the IIoT solution that provides a full monitoring of your assets, delivering applications that allow an integral understanding of your machinery and your business.


Complete asset data lifecycle: from sensor & device measurements to advanced monitorization & analysis tools adapted to your business.

Edge Computing

Our Cloud solution reaches near the machines. A computing device located inside your facility runs a software component that manages communications with other devices, push data to the Cloud and enables near-real-time actions.

Digital Twin

Sensors, Edge and Cloud combine around the digital twins of the different assets: from the plant as a whole, to machine subsystems. This allows us to perform deep analyzes of their behavior and detect correlations between your assets that may have not yet been visible.

Big Data

The masive storage system we provide allows escaling your data to get a valuable repository of information about your assets. Our solution manages security, categorization and data sanity, preparing it for further analysis.

Machine Learning

Integrating advanced analysis technologies we maximize your data potential. We forge our own algorithms that allow learning on your assets behavior which leads to improvements on processes and automation of tasks.

Evolutive & Adaptative

Production systems are critical for your company and downtimes are not admissible. The process of adoption of our solution is progressive, non-intrusive and generates return from the first day. ThingsO2 partner you in your digital transformation, giving the flexibility to achive advantages of a customized solution built on a commercial product.

Data Governance & Security

Our solution foundations assure and guarantee our clients information safety, managing the overall availability, integrity and secturity of the data.


  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive Maintenance

  • Equipment condition monitoring

    Connected Product

  • Energy Generation & Distribution

    Energy Generation & Distribution

  • Logitics & Warehousing

    Logistics & Warehousing

  • Smart Water

    Smart Water

  • Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines

  • Environment & Meteorology

    Environment & Meteorology

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